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Wondering what to do in July?

June 27, 2017

July!  That's right, in just a few short days July will be upon us and I am sure you are wondering "what can I do in my garden?" . This month begins the harvesting of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and yes, even seeds. The heat and bugs can be a deterrent, but don't let that get you down!  July is the month when things start to hit their stride and are in full bloom.  This means that once you are at the top of the mountain it's time to start going down and for plants that means a slow descent into Fall.

Weeds are everywhere it seems. No matter what you do they seem to keep coming back everywhere. Many a landscaper will tell you that weed prevention begins in the Fall and spring with pre-emergent weed killers.  I am sure, like me, these times roll around and you forget and then you are spraying weeds with the rest of the good folks!  Once you have them under control removing a single stray weed is not a problem. If you are a sprayer like most but have that one weed in the middle of your garden bed, what do you do? One solution is to get a pair of rubber gloves, spray your weed killer on the glove and remove most of the weed leaving about an inch or two with leaves at the base. This will ensure contact with the leaves and kill the weed without harming your surrounding plants! Especially one of my favorites, Lavender!


Lavender is one of my all time greats and is coming into full bloom this month. Lavender has many uses from dried and used in arrangements to cooking.  Although if you are going to use it in cooking be careful as a little truly does go a long way! To harvest the lavender, simply wait for a dry, hot day (which in July around here is practically every day!) and snip some stems off at the base.  Allow them to dry and then use them in what ever you like!


July is a month of plentiful harvest! Be sure to keep deadheading and snipping leafy herbs to increase production into the fall, and keep fighting weeds  by removing them from the garden. Enjoy the heat while it last because before long that ugly, low down four letter word (SNOW) will be here!  Happy gardening!!!

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